Thursday, February 20, 2014

When an animal needs help

When witnessing a domestic animal in need (hurt, stray, abused, etc..), residents of San Antonio should call city services – 311 on their telephones.
As of October 1, 2013. Residents of Bexar County should call 210-335-6000, option 1.
For wildlife issues, Good Samaritans should try contacting Wild Life Rescue or Texas Parks and Wildlife

Calling animal control doesn’t automatically mean that an officer will be sent to the scene. See more at this article.  And when good Samaritans call these numbers, they will probably be speaking to a phone operator – not an animal professional. If the situation is dire (injured animal, abused animal, etc..), callers should make sure that the operator understands that the issue is urgent and that someone needs to be sent to the scene. 
Let the phone operator know when the case should not just be sent to a database. If there is no immediate response from Animal Control, contact the local police. (or contact the police first). If there is no response from neither animal control, nor police, try again.

If there is still no response, good samaritans should contact the media. Sometimes reporters can get agencies to respond when ordinary citizens cannot. And some of the more experienced reporters might be familar with the particular agencies that should be notified.

Who in the media would one contact? Good Samaritans might consider starting with those branches of the media that are set up to help people with problems – like “trouble shooters” or “eye witness wants to know” and the like.
Another good option is to keep track of the reporters who write stories that help animals.   Contact those reporters when something serious needs looking into. This article probably had a hand in ending gas chambers in San Antonio.

Good Samaritans can also go the web page of the local stations (in San Antonio or their town), and click on “contact us”
Here are a few examples:

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